Step 1: Description of the activity

Name of the activity: "Heroes and Heroines"

This activity is to be made individually or in pairs.


Board, board marker, computers, Internet and a Weebly Website created by the teacher.

Warm - up

(Oral Work)
In this first stage I will ask the students what their favourites heroes or heroines are and how should be a hero or heroine. The students will answer to these questions and we will start doing a brainstorming on the board about this topic.

After that, the children will surf on the Internet to find information about their favourite hero or heroine. They will try to find pictures, biographies, etc. about them.

Before doing the written activity, which is the main aim, I will show a sample descriptiom about my favourite hero / heroine by using Weebly and I will tell them why I have chosen this character.

Written Work:

They will start working on the description and they will include the information and the pictures they have found. They will work on Microsoft Word to make the draft.


To conclude, I will read their work to make the necessary changes and I will publish them in this Website. We will read them in class and we will make comments on their works.

Step 2: Sample description

My Favourite Heroine: 


Mafalda is six years old and she is from Argentina. She is short and plump. She has got small eyes, a small nose, small ears and a big mouth. She has got short black straight hair and has got a fringe. She always wears a bow on her head, a red dress,  white socks and black shoes.

She lives with her family and she has lots of friends. She is very funny and she likes playing with her friends and her little brother Guille. She hates soup.  She is concerned about humanity and world peace and rebels against the world as it is.