My Favourite Animal

Learners: Students from 4th or 5th Grade

Duration: 45 minutes - Activit

Description of the activity: The teacher asks the students to form groups of 4/5 children. Then, each group has to choose one animal to work with.
The second step consists on looking up on the Internet characteristics, features, of the animals. Children should take into account that it is compulsory to include at least one picture and a brief description of the animal. Teacher can help students to do this part of the activity. Once all the groups have finished the searching, the teacher can show them how to create a free website with their works.

Aim of the Activity:
After uploading the final work, the teacher can ask each group to speak about the animal they have been working with. Since they had to include a brief description, e.g: "The lion is the largest member of the cat family". By reading aloud what they have published, they have the possibility to practise speaking, listenning skills.


My favourite animal is the lion. He is the king of the jungle. He can weights three hundred kilos and he is about 2 metres long. He eats meat, including other